I love Mondays!

It used to be that I absolutely hated Monday mornings. Who of working (or school) age doesn’t? Traditionally it’s the day that you lose your freedom and spend the day occupied with activities probably not of your choosing. Sure, some of the things that Mondays you enjoy (I used to love researching new tools and working on process improvements) and others you don’t (meetings, basically) and if you’re self employed you probably don’t mind Mondays as much as the traditional employee (and if you don’t enjoy the self-employment path you’ve chosen, it might be time for a rethink). The early start and the commute were always the very worst part of Mondays for me, which is why working from home really took the edge off. Now though, I just love Mondays! They signal the first day of the week when I can actually get anything done, as DD is off to nursery as well as having a more predictable nap time and – if I’m lucky, like today – DS plays nicely and snoozes in the moses basket or in the sling, leaving me hands free.

So what am I feeling so pleased with myself about today? Well, this morning I’ve managed to sort out a load of stuff for sale (maternity clothes mostly, updating photographs and posting to local forums), do some washing, and start populating my Anki deck with the most popular 625 words. I’ve also made my to-do list and sorted out my diary for the rest of the week ahead, which is major, because I go a little bit mad if I don’t have myself organised in that way. All organised and ready for the week ahead. Whooop!

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