What, no Carte de Sejour?

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5 thoughts on “What, no Carte de Sejour?”

  1. I so feel your pain re Brexit. It has blighted something which should have been a perfect adventure for us.
    We came here to rent, try living here on for size and then ultimately buy. We started to dream before the vote when the only doubt was about our ability to learn enough French. Oh to go back to those days! Well, the uncertainty coupled with the exchange rate has scuppered that for now and we remain renting and waiting to see.
    Even if we have to return, we have had a lifetime of the choice being part of the EU has afforded us. That is more than the younger generation of Brits will have and who have been even more massively let down than us.


    1. Ugh, it’s just a shame, isn’t it. So many of us in the same situation, still others rushing to come and as many trying to leave! The people we speak to here all think it’s une catastrophe, especially for the youngsters. I almost don’t care how it turns out because the uncertainty is the hardest thing. We joke about heading off to Canada next. But maybe Africa. Anywhere but little England!


  2. Hi thanks for the quote – I am so chilled about it I cannot tell you! I know it is a worry for many but the conversation will go like this. “do you have CDS?! “no” “you need one” “ok” “you need x,y,z and the kitchen sink and we’ll ask you for that about 4 x” “ok” “here’s your card” The End.

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