Things to Do – My Bucket List

I don’t have a particularly ambitious bucket list. It’s more a catch all of places I’ve heard about, either through word-of-mouth or by reading blogs or recommendations within an online group I frequent. It’s an ever-growing list. I won’t beat myself up too much if I haven’t been able to tick off all these things before I die – and I suspect, since the list constantly grows I’m unlikely to manage that – but I would certainly like to tick a few off every year.

Euro Velo Route 1: France to Portugal

This route actually starts in Norway (which is absolutely on my list) but for now I’ll settle for ticking off the route from France, through Spain and down to Portugal.

All the other Euro Velo Routes!


Closer to Home

This list is really just a placeholder for short walks and days out, usually inspired by photos posted by friends on social media.


  • Roquefort les Cascades – a walk to some stunning waterfalls, only a short drive from us.



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